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Behind the recording studio walls

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

Within the first year of combining their songwriting efforts into a studio album the Ghost Town Ramblers hit the studio hard and released their self titled CD with the assistance of recording and engineering virtuoso Mick Walker. The CD was a compilation of original tunes written by Lou Kaplan and Kay Miracle released in June of 2018. Mick Walker pulled the project together by lending his engineering and instrumentation to the project. The duo is now co-writing and getting ready to sort through their huge portfolio of material to release a 2nd recording sometime in the Spring of 2019. The CD is for sale as a download on major online stores as well as at their live performances. It has been nominated for a SAMMY in the Americana division in New York, and they are being played all over the world on internet radio. As Lou is fond of many little time!

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