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The 10 things you might want to know about the Ghost Town Ramblers

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

Kay Miracle went to college on a music scholarship after winning the talent award in the Junior Miss Washington pageant.

Lou Kaplan toured as a bass player with Savoy Brown internationally.

Kay Miracle toured overseas for 8 years with the USO and Pacific Air Force.

Lou Kaplan was the founder of Mad Jack, a Central New York band that reached National acclaim.

Kay Miracle works with Veterans and Disabled students in various music programs.

Lou Kaplan is a Social Worker and counselor to youths and a liaison between the family, school and caregivers for the individual.

Kay Miracle is a Board Member for the TeXchromosome radio and touring show based out of Austin Texas for Female artists.

Lou Kaplan and his wife have adopted and rehabilitated abused animals.

Both Kay and Lou are touring members of the Last Honky Tonk Touring artists and featured on the Highway woman radio show hosted by Brigitte London.

Both Kay and Lou have a combined total of over 300 original songs and are planning their 2nd recording for Spring of 2019.

Ghost Town Ramblers songs are built upon Life experiences

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